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We're building tools to help you understand Canadian FinTech companies. Our goal is to accelerate partnerships, relationships, and investments between financial and technology companies.

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Keeping you informed with insights that matter.

Our market intelligence tool contains in-depth information about FinTech startups, incumbents, and all players in the space. We provide information on funding data, founders, awards, events, and more!

  • 1,200 Canadian FinTechs
  • Custom reports
  • FinTech + innovation insights
  • Searchable + categorized content
  • Access to our FinTech experts


Helping you make informed decisions.

We help you find answers to the hard questions
related to FinTech. In the past, we have helped our clients assess the players in the space, analyze offerings, trends, influences, and solutions to solve their problems.

  • Discovering opportunities
  • Enabling comparisons
  • Informing partnerships
  • Accelerating innovation
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We want to build Maple with and for you.

While we continue to find new FinTechs, build our data sets, and track investments. We want to build a community in our FinTech database. As a FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS) innovation initiative, we will continue to collect feedback as we build, test, and measure Maple.

We are working on new data updates, partnerships, investors, more data, insights, and analytics!

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Tech Giant FinTech Players (Beta) 50%
Team Functionality 35%
Additional Pinning Features 60%
Canadian FinTech Profiles (Done) 100%
Canadian FinTech Investment Data (Done) 100%


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We want to help you find the answers to those difficult questions.